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Formulate a linear programming model

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An advertising campaign for a new breakfast bar will be conducted in Baltimore area and may use TV commercials, radio commercials, and newspaper commercials. Information about the three media (for each commercial) is shown below.

Medium Cost Consumers Reached Exposure Quality

TV $2500 100000 30

Radio $ 750 25000 40

Newspaper $1500 50000 25

If the number of TV commercials cannot exceed the number of radio commercials by more than 4, and if the advertising budget is $50000, develop the model that will maximize the total number of consumers reached and achieve an exposure quality of at least 500.

Formulate a linear programming model for this problem by defining the decision variables, objective function, and all the constraints. Do NOT solve the problem after formulating.

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Let x TV ads, y Radio ads and z Newspaper ads be ...

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Linear programming model is formulated for the problem regarding TV commercials in the solution.