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Linear programming model, Excel Solver

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The munchies cereal makes a cereal from several ingredients. Two of the ingredients, oats and rice provide A & B. The company wants to know how many ounces of oats andd rice should include in each box of cereal to meet the minimum requirements of 48 milligrams of vitamin A and 12 milligrams of vitamin B while minimizing cost. An ounce of oats contributes 8 milligrams of vitamin A and 1 milligram of B, whereas an ounce of rice contributes 6 milligrams of A and 2 milligrams of B. An ounce of oats cost $0.05, and an ounce of rice costs $0.03.

a. Formulate a linear programming model
b. Solve this model using a grid line

I need help on solving this in solver and on a graph line.

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Solution Summary

The solution formulates a Linear programming model and solves it using Excel Solver

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