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    Marketing Mix element for travel startup in online space

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    I have to Create a comprehensive marketing plan for my start up Company: Travel Today

    A well known travel agency that has been serving customers for 25 years, has experienced a slow down of business overast five years. they are of the belief that the internet has enbled customers to plan and book their own vacations. Their businee development department has begun researching possible alternative new product/service offerings with the idea of re-capturing some of their lost customers.

    This section of the Marketing Plan will assess the marketing strategies or the controllables to include the entire marketing
    mix (4 P's). Think about the most effective strategies to use with an eye on the target market. Include your rationale and
    research to support your position. Additionally, you will include a discussion of whether the company has a competitive
    advantage (or is better than its competitors) with respect to each area. Note that you will discuss competitive advantage
    four times and should be discussing each area separately.

    Product Strategies
    Explain the product characteristics including the product and/or service qualities, warranties, service contracts, packaging,
    and branding opportunities. Include rationale.
    Discuss whether the company has a competitive advantage with respect to product.

    Place Strategies
    Explain the entire channel of distribution from the manufacturer to the consumer. Think about how the channel aligns with
    the overall logistics and the location of the physical facility. Include rationale.
    Discuss whether the company has a competitive advantage with respect to place.

    Pricing Strategies
    Explain the pricing strategies and tactics to be used by your company. Research the various combinations of strategies
    that could be used by the company at different times. Include rationale.
    Discuss whether the company has a competitive advantage with respect to pricing.

    Promotional Strategies
    Explain the promotional mix to be used, thinking about personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, internet marketing,
    and publicity. Think about promotional mediums as well. Include rationale.
    Discuss whether the company has a competitive advantage with respect to promotion.

    The format of this professional Marketing Plan is essay format. 3 sources correctly formatted . Length minimum 3 pages.

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    Product Strategies:

    As discussed in the previous post, the key to our success in the online travel space would be our ability to offer unique, offbeat experiences to today's well informed, globally traveled and aspiring global travelers. In order to ensure such differentiation, we will tie up with local experts/freelancers and travel consultants to offer travel experiences to customers that are highly customized to suit individual preferences. In order to make the purchase experience smooth and well informed, our portal will be technologically highly advanced with great user experience and features. We will offer comprehensive range of service offerings over our platform. Our experiences and offerings will be handpicked by experts- both professionals and freelancers/individual travelers from across the globe. The content will be highly curated and based on real life experiences of travelers, thereby depicting all the pertinent information about the travel experience in a realistic manner. The customers will experience a unique and totally offbeat travel experience by booking through our site.

    Place Strategies:

    As mentioned above, we will tie up with local travel experts that specialize in providing customized, unique and offbeat experiences to travelers in their local countries. The selection process will be very selective. The experts will be verified and will put through a rigorous selection process. Once the local agents are finalized, their local offerings ...

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