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    IP4 Chocolate Bar

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    Definition of marketing (U1 DB)
    Introduction of your product/service (U1 DB)
    Situation Analysis - marketing environment forces impacting your product/service (U1 IP)
    Marketing Strategy - target market(s) and positioning (U2 DB & U2 IP)
    Product/Service overview and strategies to consider (U3 DB)
    Pricing Strategy (U4 DB)
    Distribution Channels (U3 IP)

    You will now add the Abstract, Introduction, Conclusion, and the Integrated Marketing Communications Mix, including:

    Overview of integrated marketing communications

    Promotion Mix Strategy - explain if you will use a push or pull strategy or both and why
    Message Strategy - decide what general message will be communicated to your target market across all promotional tools

    Promotion Mix - choose at least three (3) promotional tools (advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations or direct marketing). For each include:

    -Why this promotional tool was chosen.
    -Which forms of the promotional tool you will use and why (for example, in advertising you can use TV, radio, magazine, etc. and in direct marketing you can use direct mail, telemarketing, catalogs, etc.).
    -Discussion of how your message strategy will be implemented using this promotional tool and the execution style.

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    Definition of marketing (U1 DB)
    Marketing refers to the method by which a firm produces products that attract customers, creates strategies that that sells the products to customers, communicates the attributes of the products, distributes the product for profit or growth of business.

    Introduction of your product/service (U1 DB)
    The product is a chocolate bar that has a crunchy interior and a black chocolate exterior. The interior will be made of nuts and the exterior made of high quality black chocolates.

    Situation Analysis - marketing environment forces impacting your product/service (U1 IP)
    Marketing environmental forces that impact the product include the tax laws by which local and state tax has to be paid on the production and sales of chocolate bars. The other restrictions that apply to the firm are the environmental regulations that apply to the production of chocolate bars. The economic forces that impact the launch of the chocolate bar are the relatively low growth rate of the economy and the high unemployment rate. This can adversely impact the launch of the new chocolate bar. Further, the social forces of health consciousness and emphasis on consuming health food can affect the launch of the chocolate bar. The chocolate bar can be perceived as "unhealthy" unless it is positioned as beneficial to health. The current trend of automatic dispensers selling low cost chocolate bars can adversely affect the sales of the product.

    Marketing Strategy - target market(s) and positioning (U2 DB & U2 IP)
    Marketing strategy will be to target consumers with an income of over $70,000 a year and aware of the benefits of black chocolate. The chocolate bar will be positioned as a luxuriously tasty bar with health benefits.

    Product/Service ...

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