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    CLO 9(c) Mighty Chocolate

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    36. Corresponds to CLO 9(c) Mighty Chocolate manufactures three chocolate bars; plain, almond and crispy. Because of their outstanding quality. Mighty can sell all of the bars they produce. Select (per gross) data follows.

    Plain Almond Crispy
    Selling Price $60 $40 $20
    Contribution Margin $30 $20 $10
    Molding Time Required 1.25 hrs 0.8 hrs 0.5 hrs

    Molding time is limited to 180 hours per month. If fixed cost per month are $2,000, what should Mighty do to maximize profit?

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    CM per Molding Time for Plain = 30/1.25 = $24
    CM per Molding Time ...

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    The solution finds what should Mighty do to maximize profit.