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Product Development Efforts & Promotional Materials

Describe a plan that states specifically what needs to be done and when each item will get done. This plan should include any "product development" efforts that still need to occur and should include your schedule for the creation of your promotional materials and related efforts.
Next Steps in Next Quarter 
Next Steps in Next 6 Months 
Next Steps in 1 Year 
Next Steps in 5 Years 

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Step 1:
My company makes food products like cookies, candies and chocolates. During the first stage three ideas were generated: namely, developing strongly flavored candy, zero-calorie chocolate, and fat free cookies. After idea screening and considering the target market it was decided to develop a zero-calorie chocolate. The concept development and testing was done by the R&D. The patent holder for calorie free chocolate was contacted and an agreement was signed with him. On doing the business analysis it was decided to price the zero-calorie chocolate at $1.10. It is estimated that the total costs per bar will be $0.75 and that the break-even point will be 1.5 million bars. The additional fixed costs and promotions costs were calculated to be $525,000. Each of these steps took a total of three months time.

Step 2:
The steps in the next quarter will be market testing. This ...

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