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Brand Equity :

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I need a research paper on brand equity on a consumers standpoint featuring a famous person. The paper has to be 2 pages long. It should entail how the brand evolved over time and how its changed over time. The second part of the paper should explain a celebrity that will endorse the brand and why they will beconnected to the brand. Then describe competition and what kind of endorsers they would use.

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The selected brand is Coca-Cola. The company first started in 1886 and the in 1892 the marketer Asa Candler purchased Coca-Cola from the inventor Dr. John Pemberton. The first advertising budget was $11,000 and the first celebrity to endorse the brand was Hilda Clark in 1900. Coca-Cola appeared in national magazines in 1904 and by 1911 the company's advertising budget increased to $1 million. The first television commercials premiered on Thanksgiving in 1950. After 99 years Coca-Cola tried to change the taste by introducing New Coke. There was strong negative reaction and Coca-Cola was compelled to go back to its old taste. One of the strongest advertisements of Coca-Cola was the 'Northern Lights' commercial in 1993. This was the first time that polar bears were used in Coca-Cola advertisements. The budget for advertising Coke and building strong brand equity pushed up its advertising budget in 2011 to $4 billion. The brand of Coca-Cola has also decided to go ...

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Coca Cola brand is discussed step-by-step in this solution. The response also has the sources used.

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