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SWOT Analysis of Coca Cola

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Create a SWOT analysis for a company of your choice. Your analysis should be between one to two pages and identify the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

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The company that I have chosen to do perform SWOT analysis on is Coca Cola Company. The Coca Cola Company has been around since 1886 (Atlanta Beginings, 2012). They have a long history in the soft drink industry, and have moved into many other enterprises over the years. These enterprises include Minute Maid Juices and Dasani Water to name just a couple (Atlanta Beginings, 2012). Over the years the company has been very successful; according to Coca-Cola's Statement of Cash Flows their end of year balance is near thirteen billion dollars, with a net cash provided by operating activities reaching nine and a half billion (Coca-Cola Company form 10-k, 2012). Even with such impressive numbers there is a need to perform detailed analysis in order to determine direction for the future.
The Coca-Cola Company has many strengths, one of these strengths is name recognition. When people want a soft drink it is not uncommon to refer to the drink as a "Coke;" this has become a catch-all phrase for a soft drink for many years. This automatically gives the company an edge because the recognition of the brand name prompts customers to pick a product that they are familiar with. Another strength that favors the company is their diversity within the industry. The Coca-Cola Company has maintained a strong presence in the soft drink industry by keeping their products closely related to one another. That is, they have not moved into many products that are not drink related. The recipe for success is doing one thing, and doing it as well as can possibly be done (Cooke, 2012). In addition, the company has the ability to continue to reinvent itself, which also translates into strength for the soft drink giant (Dogbevi, 2009). The company not only spends a great deal of money on advertising, but it brings new products to the marketplace and creates new areas of opportunity with its marketing strategy. These strengths have propelled the company to the ...

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This SWOT Analysis solution is 1220 words in length and contains 7 quality references. The analysis covers the strengths, threats, weaknesses and opportunities coke faces as it competes with its closest competitors.

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All regarding my research with the Coca-Cola Company.

I have provided all my research and analysis along with personal opinions relating to the questions above on the Coca-Cola Company. In addition, I have provided all my references and the in-text citations to better aid in knowing where the information directly stemmed from.

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