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The Coca-Cola Company - SWOT Analysis and Review

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Pick a company or organization, preferably the organization or company for which you work. (If you choose to write about a company other than your employer, please make sure it is one that has easily accessible information.) In your opinion, how well is the company or organization's present strategy working? What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of the organization? Please include at least two points per each SWOT category. How strong, if applicable, is the company's competitive position? What strategic issues does this organization/company face in the next year? Next five years?

All regarding my research with the Coca-Cola Company.

I have provided all my research and analysis along with personal opinions relating to the questions above on the Coca-Cola Company. In addition, I have provided all my references and the in-text citations to better aid in knowing where the information directly stemmed from.

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The Coca-Cola Company - SWOT Analysis and Review

I chose the Coca-Cola Company because of their unique and powerful brand across the world. In this essay I am going provide my personal opinion on how well the Coca-Cola Company's present strategy is working. In addition, I will provide you with the Coca-Cola Company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). Furthermore, I will show how strong the Coca-Cola Company's competitive position is within their industry and what strategic issues the company faces next year and five years from now.
In my personal opinion and based on the numerous facts by the statistics within the non-alcoholic beverage industry the Coca-Cola Company maintains it historical competitive edge amongst all the other companies within the market. In fact, based on the Yahoo! Finance beverage industry competitor listing Coca-Cola remains at the top of the list as most competitive amongst other beverage industries (Yahoo!, 2011). Moreover, on 3 October 2010 the Coca-Cola Company grew even stronger and more competitive when they completed the acquisition of the North American operations of Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) and the sale of the company's Norway and Sweden bottling operations to CCE. This transaction positioned the Coca-Cola Company to more profitably deliver the world's greatest brands and drive long-term value for all shareholders (The Coca-Cola Company (The), 2011). This transaction keeps the Coca-Cola Company as competitive as ever. Mr. Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company stated:

"With the completion of this transaction, we have redefined our operating model to best serve the unique needs of our flagship market, in full alignment with our 2020 Vision. Our thoughtful and disciplined planning efforts prior to completing the transaction will enable us to execute and quickly drive a seamless integration in North America, delivering enhanced value to our customers, consumers and independent bottling partners." (The Coca-Cola Company (The), 2011).

Not only did the Coca-Cola Company finalize a strong transaction to keep their long term strategy strong they are always introducing new products that beat the competition. For example, in 2010 the Company introduced the new idea of the Coca-Cola mini cans that contain only 90 calories (Plumb, 2009). All of these new ideas and transactions are stemmed from their strategic strategy and vision known as their "2020 Vision." All in all in my personal opinion, based on the facts, I believe the Coca-Cola Company's "2020 Vision" and strategy is a strong long term strategy that is definitely working ...

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