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    Case Instructions:

    Please read the following articles about Coke and conduct additional research, including their website.

    Please make sure to perform the analysis of the environment applying Porter's Five Forces Model.
    Please identify opportunities and threats!
    Please analyze how Coke manages its external environment (including opportunities and threats).
    answering case question (s).

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    // For performing an Environmental Analysis of the Company, it is better to have a good knowledge of the background and concept of the Company. This will make the reader to understand its actual position in its current external business environment. In the same series, I am providing the description of the Company in the first section of the discussion.//

    The Coke

    In simple terms, the Coca-Cola Company is recognized as Coke. Headquarters of the company are located in Georgia, Atlanta, and the United States of America. The Coca-Cola Company is operating its business globally. It is one of the largest companies in beverage industry all around the world. The Company was established in 1892 by Asa Griggs Candler. The Coca-Cola Company is manufacturing and distributing nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups worldwide. For its flagship product, Coca-Cola Company is very well known at international level.

    In United States, it is one of the biggest companies. Company is selling its beverage products in more than 200 countries and territories across the world (According to the 2005 Annual Report). In 1886, pharmacist John Stith invented coca-cola. The CEO and Chairman of the company is, E. Neville Isdell. Only syrup concentrate is produced by the Coca-Cola Company, and then it is sold to various bottlers who hold the franchise of the Coca-Cola all over the world. Concentrate is also sold by the company to major restaurants and food service distributors, for fountain sales. Stock of the company is listed on the NYSE and is part of DJIA and S&P 500.

    As well the namesake Coca-Cola beverage, company is offering about 400 brands in more than 200 countries and territories. In present time, Coca-cola is a very famous soft drink even though the company faced many criticisms. Other soft drinks are also owned and marketed by the Coca-Cola Company for instance Fanta, Sprite, and Pibb etc. But the main feature is that, the large Coca-Cola brand marking is not carried by them but the trademark of the company can be found on the bottle.

    //After providing a good knowledge of the background and concept of the Company, I am discussing the External Environmental Analysis of the Company in the next section of the discussion. The analysis is done on the basis of Porter's Five Forces Model. All the five concepts of the porters' model are discussed in the concern of Coca Cola in the further discussion.//

    Porter's Five Forces Model

    Michael E Porter has made an immense contribution to the development of the ideas of industry and competitor analysis, and ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1560 words with references.