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Advertising Message - Nike and Coca-Cola

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With so much advertising "noise" in the marketplace, what can a company do to ensure its message is heard? What are some of the challenges that a marketer such as Nike or Coca-Cola might face in terms of measuring promotional effectiveness versus a direct marketer?

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The company can take the following actions to ensure that its message is heard:

1. The company should use strong visual images; those that have emotional appeal and this should be supported by emotional music. It would be better to use identifiable music.

2. The advertising should use strong symbols so that the message gets heard.

3. The scene and the advertisement should remain on screen for a long period of time so that the message creates an impact. This is necessary for the message to be heard.

4. The message should closely match the message with the images that the target audience sees.

5. To ensure that the message is heard the advertiser should appeal to the emotions of its audience.

6. The message should incorporate ...

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This posting gives you an in-depth insight into advertising messages and what steps can be done to ensure the message is heard. An explanation of challenges Nike and Coca-Cole could face in terms of measuring promotional effectiveness versus a direct marketer is also given.

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