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Social Media Tools & Coca Cola

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What is social media and what are some of the tools? Select a company or product that uses social media marketing and compare its social media site to its corporate web site. Are they the same or different? If they're different, how are they different? Do they have a similar look and have similar message? Any sense of the number of customers on the social media site and who their target market might be? What type of media site are they using?

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Social media is the interaction of people, using web based tools, to communicate, create, share and exchange ideas. There is a vast amount of social media tools, including Wikipedia, Facebook, YouTube and Del.icio.us. Social media tools serve different functions. Social bookmarking sites like Pinterest allow users to share content. Reddit allows consumers to interact by commenting and voting on articles. Wikis like Wikipedia are crowd source information hubs that supply information and edit existing entries. Social media allows job searchers and employers to connect through LinkedIn, and classmates, friends, and the curious to explore profiles and add comments through social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace. There are also social media sites for entertainment like ...

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This very detailed solution describes various social media tools and gives an example of how Coca Cola uses social media marketing. It compares the company's web site and social media site. It also gives information regarding company's target market. Includes APA formatted references.

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