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    Coca-Cola Is Everything

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    Visit Coca-Cola's Facebook page. Can you buy Coke products there? What social media tools are present that allow you to communicate with Coca-Cola?

    Now, visit Pepsi's Facebook page. Compare and contrast it to Coca-Cola's Facebook page. Which has more eye appeal? Which seems to have more activity? Why do you think this is true?

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    The Coca-Cola Facebook page needs to be updated. It still has the holiday theme. Santa Clause is still being utilized in January which demonstrates to consumers that the organization neglects mandatory updating procedures which is required if an organization desires to reach out to their consumers. Failure to update a website displays that the organization is somewhat behind the times in the marketing initiative.

    There are three options which allow users to purchase Coca-Cola products in a virtual sense. Coca-Cola has over 56 million 'likes' which represent consumers who approve of their soft drink. As Consumers navigate on the company's web page consumers can view Coca-Cola's plethora of products ...

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    The expert examines the statement "Coca-Cola is Everything". What social media tools are present that allow you to communicate with Coca-Cola are determined.