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Customer Strategies: Coca-Cola Company

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Describe the following as it relates to Coca-Cola:

Social Media Strategies (one paragraph to describe the following sections)
Responsiveness (two paragraphs)
Transparency (two paragraphs)
Adaptability (three paragraphs)

Please include references:

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Social Media Strategies:
Coca-Cola became the sponsor of the 2014 soccer World Cup. It has packaged each of its social profiles with World Cup headers, campaigns, and content. This has increased its following on social media. On Twitter, Coca-Cola engages with followers. It generates around 2,000 tweets a month creating more than 1 billion potential impressions during a month. Its strategy is to engage audience and generate content they can share. It becomes a part of the Coca-Cola brand experience. It also gives direct replies to customers who like the brand. It gives attention to detail.

Apart from being responsive to customers on social media, Coca-Cola is also responsive to direct questions on its websites. Further, the company claims that customer preference is a core value of the business. According to the company, Coca-Cola makes its products available where the customers require them, make the product affordable, and supplies an extensive and increasing range of products. Responsiveness according to Coca-Cola refers to satisfying the highest quality standards required in a country. On the ground level Coca-Cola claims its sales representatives and its people are responsive to customer needs.

Responsiveness, according to the company means it provides best customer service possible and to provide fast answers to common questions and concerns. Specifically it allows a customer to track orders or return a product. From a different perspective, Coca-Cola Company has not be responsive to customer needs. Customers have shown ...

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