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New customer strategy for Coca Cola

Can someone help me with a new customer strategy? It's for Coca Cola.

Customer Valuation and Retention (one paragraph to describe the following sections)
Needs-Determination Strategy (two paragraphs)
Customer Valuation (two paragraphs)
Customer Retention Policies (five policies, one per paragraph)

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Customer Valuation and Retention

As a multinational company, Coca Cola operates in culturally diverse regions and territories. The company uses a decentralized approach when it comes to customer valuation and retention. This is primarily due to the need to accommodate diverse cultures. However, the company is increasingly experimenting with strategies that have worked in specific countries, by rolling out the same in other countries. Its most effective customer valuation and retention tool in recent years is a call-recording platform known as 'NICE Perform' that enables the company to assess the quality of customer contact as well as to identify and promote best practice.

Needs-Determination Strategy

Coca Cola's needs determination strategy is to use differentiated customer contact centers to handle specific aspects of customer needs analysis. The customer contact centers fall under two broad categories. The first category solely focuses on ...

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This solution examines Coca Cola's customer valuation and retention and assesses the company's needs-determination strategy. In addition, the solution assesses Coca Cola's customer valuation, and highlights five customer retention policies used by the company.