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    New customer strategy - Coca Cola

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    New customer strategy

    Can someone help me with the sections below? It's for Coca Cola. I can't seem to think of anything for these sections that are left.

    Interaction Scripts and Software Vendors: (This section simply sets up the rest of your paper. In a short paragraph, briefly explain the purpose of the section and what is to come in the following subheadings) -- one paragraph to describe the following sections

    Interaction Overview: (Describe ways in which your company interacts with its customers. What is the nature and character of these interactions? What employees are customer facing, and how are they trained to deal with customers? Are there interaction guidelines that are available? Does your company have a website, and if so, what is its tone and character?) -- one paragraph

    Generating and Maintaining Trust: (Describe strategies that your company uses to generate and maintain trust with customers. Are customers rewarded for repeated purchases? Is your company honest when there is a problem?) -- one paragraph

    Diffusing Negative Feedback: (How does your company handle and diffuse customer complaints? What lengths will your service representatives go to in order to satisfy a customer? How can you calm down irate customers, and is there a standard procedure in place to do so? Can you turn a complaint into a new sale? Can you prevent customers from sharing their criticisms with their peers?) -- two paragraphs

    Scripted Interaction Suggestion: (write lines of dialog in screenplay format (no quotation marks) to describe a scripted interaction with a customer. What should your customer representative say in a given situation?) -- 10-15 lines of dialog -------- example:
    Customer Service Representative : How can I help you today?
    Mr. Jones : Listen, I am calling for the second time to check on my order. I really need to know right now!
    Customer Service Representative : I'm sorry for the delay, and I'd be happy to help you. Can you give me your customer ID?

    Software Vendor Comparison and Selection: (Review three customer experience management software solutions from different vendors and choose one that you would buy for your company. What are its strengths and weaknesses? Include a table comparing the software solutions; remember to evaluate features in addition to price. The individual features that you choose to compare are up to you, but you should compare at least three features. Choose features relevant to your business or industry.) -- two paragraphs; table

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    The response addresses the query posted in 1033 words with APA references (see the attachment).

    // Every organization focuses on satisfying its customers to the maximum extent that helps in building the customer loyalty and also helps in retaining the customers. In the following discussion, the new customer strategy of Coca-Cola is discussed by elaborating the interaction procedure and the strategies the company adopts to generate and maintain trust with its customers. The discussion also throws highlight on the ways the company handles its complaints procedure.//
    Coco- Cola has adopted new customer strategy in which the company focuses on the ways of dealing with its customers. Along with this, strategies that are adopted by the company in order to generate and maintain trust among the customers are also defined. Further, the ways of handling the complaints and their management is also a focus area of the company. Moreover, the type of interaction the company's representative have with the customers is also provided. Apart from this, the strengths and weakness of the customer experience management software from different vendors is also discussed.
    Interaction Overview
    Coco-Cola interacts with its customers through YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Along with this, targeted e-mails to customers on special occasions like festivals, birthdays and others also serve as an effective means of interaction that helps in enhanced level of connectivity with the customers (Bullas, 2015). The nature and character of interaction are to increase the customer empowerment so that real-time demands are met effectively (Cameron, 2014). The employees of the company are trained by providing classroom training, e-learning, external conferences and field training that helps in their personality development so that customers dealing turns out to be more ...

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    The expert determines new customer strategies for Coca Cola. Software vendor comparison and selection are determined. The response addresses the query posted in 1033 words with APA references.