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    Coca-Cola Customer Personally Identifiable Information

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    Please provide a new customer strategy for Coca-Cola.

    Include guidelines for the following:
    - Customer Data and Privacy
    - Identifying Individual Customers
    - Relevant Customer Data
    - Data Collection Limits
    - Internal Data Sharing
    - Assuring Privacy

    Please also add reference:

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    1) Customer Data and Privacy
    Coca-Cola is committed to customer privacy. Any data collected by Coca-Cola which is personally identifiable information includes name, address, telephone, cell phone numbers, and email address. These are normally used to create an account with Coca-Cola and are used while interacting with the website or when contacting by phone. Coca-Cola keeps this information within the company and subsidiaries.

    2) Identifying Individual Customers
    Coca-Cola identifies individual customers by an account number. The personally identifiable information collected (see topic #1 above) is used by Coca-Cola for any and all legal purposes which include contacting the customer, responding to any email or contact from the customer, contests, and any other deals, coupons, discounts, and prizes.

    Customers are asked if they wish to "opt-in" and if the customer agrees to that, then Coca-Cola will share the information supplied by the customer with affiliates of Coca-Cola or their subsidiaries. This will engage marketing to send advertising, promotional items, communication ...

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