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Strategic type and Corporate Structure: The Coca-Cola Company

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Question 1 : I know PepsiCo is a prospector, what type is Coca-Cola and explain in detail why?

Question 2: Also, what type of corporate structure does the Coca-cola Company (KO), not Coca Cola Enterprises have? Why do you say they have this structure.

Information for you on strategic type!

Many companies can be characterized as a strategic type: defender, prospector, analyzer, or reactor. Each of these types has its own combination of structure, culture, and processes to complement its dominant strategic orientation. If one can categorize a firm into one of these four types, then it will be easier to predict their likely reaction to future environmental changes. Defenders are companies with a limited product line that focus on improving the efficiency of existing operations. Prospectors are companies with fairly broad product lines that focus on product innovation and market opportunities. Analyzers are companies that operate in at least two different product-markets and are able to adjust their orientation based on the industry they are in. Reactors are companies that lack a consistent strategy-structure-culture relationship and seem to switch strategies after the fact on a piecemeal basis in an attempt to better adjust to environmental change.

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The organizational structure of Coca-Cola is a decentralized organization of tasks. Coca-Cola decentralized its organizational structure by reducing the staff to the half at its Atlanta-based headquarters. It also moved the regional chieftains closer to their local markets. For example, in India, decision making has been moved further down to different areas of that diverse country. This type of organizational structure (i.e. decentralization) reinforces the local nature of Coca-Cola's business and its efforts to appeal to customer tastes worldwide.

During 2003, the Company took significant steps to create an organizational structure responsive to the needs of customers and consumers by integrating our North ...

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