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    Strategy Implementation and Strategic Controls

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    Assignment Overview

    This final case involves an analysis of strategy implementation at the Coca-Cola Company. You will use the resources you identified in the SLP to gather information about the company and relate that information to your work in the previous four cases.

    Case Assignment

    In Module 4, we will conclude the case study process by researching the Coca-Cola Company's strategic controls and their fit with the company's chosen strategy.

    Keys to the Assignment
    •Step One: Review your Case papers from Modules 1-3 so that you are familiar with the mission, vision, SWOT, strategy, and strategic choices you have identified over the course of the class.
    •Step Two: Research the structure, systems, people, and culture at the Coca-Cola Company. You will not be able to get answers to every single question, but you will need to answer at least one or two for each component.
    •Step Three: Describe the Coca-Cola Company's organizational design, key strategic control systems (e.g., budgeting and variance analysis systems), primary human resources concerns, and cultural factors, and the effect that these have had on the implementation of the Coca-Cola Company's strategy.
    •Step Four: In a 6 to 8 page paper, critically evaluate the fit—or the lack of fit—between the company's mission, strategy, and organizational components crucial to implementation. Do these components complement the strategy? Why or why not?
    •Step Five: Choose three (3) of the thirteen ethical "prescriptions" included in the following article: http://www.scu.edu/ethics/practicing/focusareas/business/strategic-plan.html. Next, discuss the extent which the company's sense of business ethics has been embedded within its strategic management process, as evidenced by your chosen three indicators.
    •Step Six: What changes would you—as the CEO—make to better assure the success of the company's strategy? This is the most important section of the Module 4 Case.
    •Step Seven: Consider the Case as a formal business report that you are developing for the Board of Directors and CEO as the Coca-Cola Company's consultant. This is a professional document. Follow the format below:
    ◦Executive summary: This is a synopsis of the main points, conclusions and recommendations made in the longer report. If you would like a refresher on writing an executive summary, check this website: http://www.csun.edu/~vcecn006/summary.html
    ◦Introduction: State the main purpose of the paper (thesis statement), what you hope to accomplish, and how you will go about doing it.
    ◦Main Body: The "meat" of the paper. Emphasize analysis, not just description. Delineate separate topics or sections with headings.
    ◦Conclusion: Summarize your paper in the light of your thesis statement.

    Assignment Expectations
    •Business school case-study assignments are meant to offer practice opportunities for future businesspeople who are earning their MBA degrees. Consider yourself a consultant hired by the company to make these critical assessments. There are no right or wrong answers to the Case question, as long as your position is well defended.
    •Study the theoretical concepts provided in the Background materials section of the module, and identify main strategy concepts.
    •Include a cover page and reference page, in addition to the 6-8 pages of analysis described above. You must meet minimum length requirements.
    •Include section headings as appropriate.
    •Cite and reference all sources, including those you paraphrase. This means include citations and quotation marks for direct quotes of more than five words, and citations for information you have "borrowed" or paraphrased from other sources.

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    •Step Two: Research the structure, systems, people, and culture at the Coca-Cola Company. You will not be able to get answers to every single question, but you will need to answer at least one or two for each component.

    In reference to the organizational structure and operational systems within Coca Cola, the culture is built upon diversity wherein the company employs people in hundreds of different countries across the globe, which is why they have cultivated an organizational culture predicated upon multiculturalism. This culture focuses on respecting different ethnicities and cultures in regard to both employees and consumers. Therefore, the company engages in what is considered an inclusive culture that seeks to ensure collaboration, cooperation, integrity, respect, and diversity to produce the highest quality products within their industry.

    According to the company, it seeks to "refresh" the world by using inspiration and establishing the ability to make a difference in communities across the globe as well as for humanity as whole. To achieve this lofty goal, the company states that it relies upon its employees to represent the brand's values while producing the products that consumers across the world have grown to love over the last 100 years. Therefore, the ability to create a product that is revered the world over can only occur through employee commitment, and to ensure that employees' are committed to the organization, the company seeks to provide a work environment that is safe, encouraging, and respectful to all employees.

    The company has been efficient because it utilizes a standardized system that is centralized in regard to ensuring that all employees are well versed in the skills and values of the company to ensure that as the employee grows within the company, they are able to sustain their allegiance to the company's ethics, values, and goals. This has been the continued approach over the last 100 years wherein the company has embraced multiculturalism by establishing a diverse workforce that implements strategies focused upon attracting, retaining, and developing talent that is as diverse as its ...

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    The strategy implementation and strategic controls are examined. The SLP is identified for Coca-Cola Company.