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    Pepsi print advertisement analysis

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    Analysis of a print advertisement
    You have to write about the following for
    1. what is the message theme for Pepsi print advertisement?
    2. what is the leverage point (attribute-benefit-personal value) for Pepsi print advertisement?
    3. what is the appeal for Pepsi print advertisement?
    4. executional framework for Pepsi print advertisement?
    5. what is the tag line for Pepsi print advertisement?
    6 what is message strategy (cognitive, affective, conative and their sub-categories) for Pepsi print advertisement?


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    According to an advertising blog, the theme of the Pepsi print advertisement is that Pepsi is a less scary, less monstrous choice of beverage than Coke. The blog said "Playing on the fact that at Halloween you should wear a terrifying dress, they brilliantly conveyed the message that Coca-Cola represents the scarier beverage ...

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    This is an analysis of a Pepsi print advertisement in terms of its components and its effectiveness.