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Advertising Elements & Promotional Templates

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Can you please help me with this creative brief template. I am also asking for help with this advertising elements that attached. The advertising elements is different from the creative brief. Thanks and I appreciate your help.

NEWTON "Color Me Happy" - This is a continuation from creative brief template.

Creative Brief Key Message and Media Choice

This week, complete the Key Message and Medium section of your creative brief template.

In these sections, compose 4-5 paragraph summaries that outline the following:

> What is the main message you want to portray?
> What are the main points you want to communicate?
> What medium will you use to get the message out to your customers?
> What are the alternative mediums?

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The elements of advertising are combined to grab the consumer's attention and communicate a message. Effective advertisements create a desire, convince customers to purchase the product, and draw attention to the product or brand. In order to build a successful advertisement campaign, it is important to create advertisements that follow the industry's steps, "Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action" (Suggett, 2013). Color, resolutions, copy, headlines, taglines and messaging are each used to maximize the impact of advertisements.


Color sets the tone of the advertisement. Bright colors, like those pictured in the Denver Water print advertisement, catch the viewer's eye. In fact, both of the other print advertisements use color in a distinct manner, to draw attention to the company's message in the mostly monochromatic "Life's Too Short" print advertisement and "Whose hand?" print advertisement. Furthermore, the lime green color chosen for the "Whose hand?" advertisement helps the viewer connect more with the product, which features a lime green label and cap. This is a similar brand association link as Coca Cola has established with the color red. The Evian advertisement (video 2) is relatively bland, intermixed with pale pink slides (the brand's label color) intermixed into the video, used as a method to make the viewer refocus on the product, and not get carried away with the babies.


The quality of the advertisement is impacted by the degree of resolution of the image used. Resolution in the Denver Water advertisement is crisp and clear, giving viewers a no-nonsense sort of feel. The "Whose Hand?" advertisement is also clear, improving the "grittiness" of the image in the consumer's mind. In contrast, the "Life's Too Short" advertisement seems blurry. In part, this helps the message pop out more, but the advertisement would be easier to understand with clearer resolution.
The image in the advertisement is key: scantily clad women, roller skating babies, a knotted hose each capture the viewer's attention and keep them watching. Who could possibly look away when an iPad is being blended to dust?


It is not enough to simply present a pretty or engaging photo. Advertisements must also include a call to action, encouraging customers to buy product or change habits. Copy is important in order to further stimulate interest, desire, and action. Print advertisement copy is easier to evaluate: the Denver Water advertisement copy is direct and to the point, "Use Only What You Need," and when combined with a knotted hose, signifies to viewers the need to conserve during the posted hours. Since this is a billboard, the copy must be quick and to the point, giving commuters a chance to quickly read and absorbs the message while zipping down the road. This ...

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