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    Competing on Analytics

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    Using the "Competing on Analytics" article by Thomas H. Davenport prepare an analysis of how to compete on analytics. Have at least one industry example from the article. State at least one principle from the article. Based upon the article briefly conclude your review with explaining 'What can analytics such as statistics do for a company?'

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    How Companies compete on Analytics?

    The business environment today is highly competitive when firms in many industries have very little to differentiate in terms of products they offer or the technologies they use. In this scenario, use of most advanced business processes which make high use of data analytics can provide the competitive edge firms are looking for. Advances in information and computation industry have tremendously reduced the cost of computing infrastructure. Now companies can both store data as well as conduct complicated data analytics at fractional cost. Firms can create and enjoy a competitive edge over its competitors through data analytics; however, they have to develop an ...

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    Shows how to review an article and identify main hypothesis and one principle from the article.