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Enterprise-Wide Analytics Technology

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What is "enterprise-wide analytics technology," and how can it play a part in understand business processes? What are the challenges in rolling out a Business Intelligence tool?

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What is "enterprise-wide analytics technology?"
Enterprise-wide analytics technology is "software" for data mining and analysis. Data mining helps one reduce, model, understand, or analyze information. In global firms, data mining helps with predictions, summarization, segmentation, dependency modeling, or change and deviation detection?especially via supply chains.

How can it play a part in understanding business processes?
Enterprise-wide analytics technology is referenced above, and can play an important part in understanding business processes because data mining is essential for effective operation. Business involves many layers of processes, including customer relationship management (CRM). Enterprise-wide analytics technology may help ...

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This response discusses the concept of "enterprise-wide analytics technology and how it is part of the business process.

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