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    Analytics Case Evaluation - ShopSense

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    You have been hired by ShopSense as an analytics consultant. You have met with the CEO of the company, Donna Greer, and agreed that you will provide her with recommendations regarding how ShopSense can use analytics for competitive advantage. You are scheduled to meet privately with Ms. Greer to present your recommendations. In this assignment, you will prepare a report to deliver to the ShopSense CEO during your meeting.

    General Requirements:
    Refer to "The Dark Side of Customer Analytics," including the four commentaries. This presents the ShopSense case study.
    Instructors will be using a grading rubric to grade the assignments. It is recommended that learners review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment in order to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment.
    Doctoral learners are required to use APA style for their writing assignments. The APA Style Guide is located in the Student Success Center.
    This assignment requires that at least two additional scholarly research sources related to this topic, and at least one in-text citation from each source be included.

    Write a paper of 1,000-1,250 words that recommends a course of action for ShopSense. Include the following in the report:
    A background statement that offers a synthesis of the commentaries appended to the ShopSense case study.
    A research-based statement outlining the benefits of employing business analytics for gaining competitive advantage.
    A research-based rationale for recommending the adoption of business analytics by ShopSense.

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    //The competition is increasing nowadays, and every organization wants to gain a competitive advantage over others and in order to gain this, they carry out certain business analytics programs. In the below discussion, a case study has been evaluated and the concept of business analytics has been explained along with certain recommendation for its improvisation.//

    Synthesis of the Commentaries

    A background statement has been made that provides a synthesis of the commentaries present in the ShopSense case study,"The ways in which the customer data can be handled efficaciously". In the light of this background statement, it has been analyzed that it is very important for the business firms to maintain the data related to their customer, in a responsible manner. A company, not bestowing enough importance on this aspect may lose the loyalty of its customers, which will result in the failure of various customer data-based marketing programs of the company.

    The data of the customers is a very relevant source for gaining various information that the companies need in order to make and alter their marketing strategies and, thereby, gaining a competitive advantage in the market. The collection, sharing and analysis of the customer data need to be conducted in a secure way while maintaining the privacy of its customers. In the case study, an insurance firm, named IFA, was seeking to collect customer data from ShopSense, another firm. However, no strategy was implemented to maintain privacy and protect the customer data. In this regard, it is very important for the companies to consider the customer data security. It needs to adopt numerous industry standard measures of security, like firewall and encryption. The CEO's and other high authority members of the companies in the case study should encourage their employees to value their customers and ...

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