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    Business Intelligence Application

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    Part I

    Think of an IT business process that you have had to perform in the past. How would you document this process? Document the process, in as much detail as you can, both as a checklist and as a diagram. If you needed to explain the process to another person and train them how to carry it out, would a diagram make more sense than a checklist? Why or why not?

    Length: 2 pages not including title page and references. I prefer APA format.
    **Please search for articles to use***

    Part II

    Do the following:

    Read the attached three article, particularly the one titled, "Benefits, Justification and Implementation Planning of Real-Time Business Intelligence Systems".

    Search for at least two additional recent (less than four years old) academic journal articles on the topic of applications of business intelligence.

    Briefly summarize all the articles you considered in an annotated bibliography format.

    Provide your personal assessment of the current status of research in the field (i.e., are there many such articles, indicating possibly a mature research field, only a few articles, indicating perhaps a new research area emerging, etc.).

    Try to focus on a relatively narrow, such as customer behavior analysis, inventory control, marketing effectiveness, etc.

    Length: 5 pages not including title page and references......please follow APA

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    Part 1
    Please see the attachment.
    Part II

    Dobrev, K., & Hart, M. (2015). Benefits, Justification and Implementation Planning of Real-Time Business Intelligence Systems. Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation, 18(2).
    The article says that even though traditional business intelligence provided support to business and had its uses, it was based on historical data. The business intelligence was not very useful because of the rapidly changing business environment. This has started a movement towards real-time business intelligence. According to the article real time BI has been able to over several latency aspects of traditional business intelligence. The method of study used is in-depth interviews in organizations across several industries that are implementing real time business intelligence. According to the article real time business intelligence can offer significant and measurable improvements, keep the organizations competitive, and drive strategic business objectives .
    The study attempts to justify the use of real time business intelligence. It is a qualitative study involving in-depth interviews. Real time business intelligence is expensive, difficult to get, and in some cases unreliable. More quantitative studies should be carried out in this area.
    Obeidat, M., North, M., Richardson, R., Rattanak, V., & North, S. (2015). Business Intelligence Technology, Applications, and Trends. International Management Review, 11(2), 47.
    This is an exploratory study which examines business intelligence technology, applications, and trends and at the same time providing a few stimulating and innovative theories and practices. The paper describes the different components in theories and practices within firms. Also, the article discusses a variety of business intelligence applications, some features of business intelligence, some cutting edge technologies, some current trends in the use of business intelligence, and future challenges of business intelligence. According to the study, the business intelligence theories, technologies, and practices are very complex and cover a diverse range of areas. According to the article the organizations using business intelligence must be mature, flexible, and have a culture of integration.
    This study is also a qualitative study that seeks to present limited aspects of business intelligence. ...

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