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    Business Intelligence Plan

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    I need an example of a Business Intelligence Plan. How is it formatted as far as presentation? According to APA standards.

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    Business Intelligence Plan

    The business intelligence plan may be defined as a systematic tool that helps organizations to gather, store and analyze data for effective strategic planning. Following the example of a business intelligence plan for healthcare that would provide a more descriptive view of the plan:

    Healthcare Business Intelligence Plan

    Quality and performance analysis: Use of reporting and analysis programs such as HEDIS to provide value to healthcare payers. Improving care and preventive medicines and reducing costs are the part of this analysis.

    Cost and utilization analysis: The analysis should cover volume of claims and the total number of patients visiting the hospital. It should also cover the facilities provided by healthcare organizations to have better ...

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    An example of business intelligence plans are provided. How these plans are formatted as a presentation are determined for a healthcare business..