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    Data warehouse and business intelligence

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    Data warehouse and business intelligence

    In preparing a response, you may wish to think about questions such as:

    What are the differences among database and data warehouse?
    What are the data warehouse technologies?
    Relationship between data warehouse and business intelligence

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    BUILDING AND EVOLVING DATA WAREHOUSING AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE ARTEFACTS: THE CASE OF SYSCO. By: O'Leary, Daniel E. Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance & Management. Oct-Dec2011, Vol. 18 Issue 4, p195-213. 19p
    What are the differences among database and data warehouse?

    Fundamental differences exist between data warehouses and databases. The most fundamental difference is that databases emphasize a single application with this application typically predicated upon transactions. When and if data is analyzed, it will be done within a single domain or multiple domains. Databases include separate units such as payroll and inventory with each system focusing upon one subject and these systems do not deal with other areas. This is the significant difference that separates data warehouses from databases as they deal with multiple domains simultaneously.

    The data warehouse can find connections between multiple subject areas because it deals with multiple applications simultaneously. Therefore, as opposed to databases, the data warehouse can detail how a company is performing as a whole giving a complete picture of the entire operational system as opposed to individual systems being assessed with databases. The data warehouse also has the capability to support the analysis of trends, and data warehouses are not volatile. Therefore, information that is stored in data warehouses doesn't change as much as that stored in common databases. Because it deals with multiple subject areas, the data warehouse finds connections between them. This allows the data warehouse to show how the company is performing as a ...

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