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    Using Twitter to Gain Business Intelligence

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    Do you agree that a business can use Twitter to gain business intelligence? How many companies do you think are aware of Twitter and exactly how they can use it to gain BI? How do you think Twitter uses a data warehouse? How do you think companies store Twitter information? How would a company use Twitter in a data mart? How would a company use cubes to analyze Twitter data?

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    Businesses can use Twitter to gain business intelligence. Business intelligence is the gathering and analyzing of raw data related to the organization. These could be sales, revenue, or costs and income. By using Twitter to engage the consumer, build brand recognition, increase the traffic of calls, clicks, or even walk-ins of consumers the organization will be able to increase their sales, profits, and competitive advantage. Twitter can be utilized to gather information to better understand the business, what works, what doesn't, and become more intelligent ...

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    Organizations can use Twitter to gather a multitude of information that can be used to better understand their organization, what their customers like, and understand what their competition is doing. Twitter is a tool that can be utilized to gain the competitive advantage and understand the current trends, as well as forecast future trends.