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    Information Sources to build marketing decision support systems

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    Best Buy is the company for the assignment:

    Submit the Company BEST BUY'S Use of Information Sources assignment. The current business environment provides a plethora of information resources that are essential for companies to develop to understand and reach their customers. In this assignment, you will provide an overview of how your selected company uses these information resources to build their marketing decision support systems and customer relationship management (CRM) environment.

    Other Requirements

    ? APA formatting: Your essay should be formatted according to APA (6th ed.) style and formatting.
    ? Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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    BEST BUY'S Use of Information Sources

    Best Buy, a Fortune 500 company is a multinational retailer of entertainment and technology products and services. It operates through more than 400 hi-tech stores. Best buy believes in giving best value and "old corner store" experience to its shoppers and huge base of loyal customers. Best Buy has a strong information system in place, which enables company to get updated about its customers' needs and requirements, their changing behavior and pattern and the changing market demands and trends. Best Buy believes in knowing its each customer personally. In order to achieve this objective they have implemented highly technological solutions in their system to develop a relationship and a bonding with each customer.

    Best buy uses various modes and channels to get information about its customers. One method through which Best Buy collects information about its customers is the best buy cards .But it allowed company to gather only basic information about the customers. Since company wanted to know more about its customers in order to keep pace with rapidly changing market and customer demands, company started looking for other sources ...

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    The information sources to build marketing decision support systems are examined.