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Twitter Start Up

1) Why does 'the violence of a start up' apply to Twitter?

2) Initially, why was Twitter not preoccupied with earning a profit? How did this corporate mindset change?

3) What makes Twitter appealing?

4) Why is everyone on Twitter considered a marketer?

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Answer 1: Violence of start up in Twitter
- Twitter is an online social networking site that allows the user to send and read the messages. In the first five years, twitter faced many problems and suffered to the issue of violence of start up. Twitter face some excruciating start up that creates problems in the success of the company. An embarrassing security breach in 2009 creates problems in for the company and released the internal documents. Apart from this, large amount of employees in the twitter also gave resignation in the 2009 (Stone, 2012). In the beginning some business complexities, environmental changes, etc. also created problem in establishing twitter effectively and can be termed as the "violence of startup".
In order to overcome the start up problem, Dick Costolo, CEO of the company put various steps that make the twitter very much famous ...

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This solution explains why 'violence of start up' applies to Twitter, Change in mind set for earning a profit and why is everyone on Twitter considered a 'marketer'.