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    Media Plan for Computer Company/PR & Advertising

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    Discuss with your colleagues your most recent client project, which is a computer company. You are designing the media plan for one brand and its product model. Specify this information in your discussion.

    To design an effective plan, you know that social media is a large part of any marketing communications campaign today. Discuss the following with your colleagues:

    One challenge of promoting your computer brand in the market place today, and why
    A brief explanation of how advertising and public relations can help make the brand more visible
    One social media marketing technique that may help increase your brand's visibility, and why

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    In designing the media plan for Impact Computer's new tablet model we need to address the newly crowded tablet market. It appears that computer sales are down for PC's and laptops but up for tablets, thanks to the successful launch of Apple's Ipad and Ipad2

    We need to differentiate our brand from the very successful Ipad2 to focus on price and versatility of the Windows application. Advertising and public relations can help us with this task. Public relations will help Impact get the word out about the product and generate interest in the general marketplace. It is key to communicate with leading business journals, newspapers, and Fortune ...

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    This solution discusses a scenario in which one is discussing with colleagues a recent client project for a computer company, and the media plan for one brand and its' product model. It includes social media, the challenge of promoting the computer brand in today's market place, an explanation of using public relations and advertising to make the brand more visible and a social media marketing technique that may help increase the brand's visibility and why. It includes links and examples.