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Gateway and Dell Advertising

Select one of the following categories: computers (Dell and Gateway), mobile phones (such as Cingular and Verizon), restaurant franchises (such as Subway and Quizno's), and insurance (such as Allstate and State Farm). Research and discuss the choice of advertising media used by the two organizations in your assigned category. Compare and contrast the advertising plans - both online and offline - and discuss why they are successful/or not. What ideas can you borrow for WF?

Feel free to review printed materials as well as the World Wide Web to review promotions currently being used by both organizations.

Only use Gateway and Dell.

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Advertising plans of Dell:
XPS computers of Dell were featured in print media in Wired Magazine in late 2006. This is a gaming computer. The contents of the ads were "FTW" and these ads positioned XPS as a gaming computer. Earlier starting 2000 and up to 2003, the TV ads featured Ben Curtis who assisted potential customers with purchasing Dell. Ben Curtis was subsequently arrested for drug possession and was dismissed by Dell.

Dell then used its own interns for later ads.

Dell used kiosks very effectively for advertising and communication. This media appealed to those who did not want to use internet or telephones. This strategy was so successful that Dell used kiosks in Australia and in 2006 set up kiosks in the shopping malls of Canada.
Dell has used different media like newspapers, catalogs, magazines, internet, and the television.

There have been some complaints about the veracity of advertising by Dell. An insert in the press for computers claimed ...

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