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Strategic Marketing Plan for Internet Start-Up

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Develop a strategic Marketing plan for an Internet Start Up company: Cook-E is a cookie wire company which customer orders to local cookie business for delivery. The purpose of the service is to connect customers with the nation's best cookie businesses.

Since it is a start up, I need help constructing an over all detailed plan to grow the business from scratch from a Marketing perspective.

How can the company get other cookie businesses for the network (to become partners) and customers to shop the network, especially in the areas of a Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, for my Blog Promotion & How to Market to other Cookie Blogs (social media plan), viral video commercials for public relations and promotion.

The business will be like Teleflora & 1-800-Flowers but for cookies.

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Cook-E needs two marketing initiatives each with their own plan. One plan will be BTB (business to business), targeting cookie business owners with the goal to get the business owners to join Cook-E as an affiliate. The other plan will be BTC (business to consumer), targeting consumers with the goal of getting consumers to buy cookies through the Cook-E website. I'll provide thoughts on each one separately.

Consumer Marketing Plan

Goal: Achieve sale goals and financial targets for Cook-E

Strategies: (1) Raise awareness of Cook-E among consumers and cookie business owners (2) Leverage social media to gain advocates for Cook-E

Consumer Target: A critical portion of any marketing plan is a clear identification of the target and the target's motivations. The target for Cook-E will likely be a person who likes cookies, but in addition, these individuals will be those that like to give and like to gift. They are likely women. If a demographic target is needed, I would describe the target as women 18-54 who enjoy celebrating and sharing in the lives of those around them.

Insight: She loves to give and when special occasions arise, you can always count on her to send something. It may be flowers, something sweet or even just a note. She know that the belly is a way to someone's heart, so if she can, she'll send food and she knows that sweets are extra special.

Competition: It is important to take a look at competition from a broad perspective. The competition for Cook-E has 3 tiers. Direct competition would be any other cookie delivery services (http://www.cookiesbydesign.com/, http://davidscookies.com/, http://www.mrsfields.com/) The next tier would include other food gifting options (http://www.thepopcornfactory.com/, http://www.ediblesincredible.com, http://www.1-800-bakery.com) and the last tier would be other fresh gifting items that can be sent, but are not edible, namely flowers ...

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This solution provides a marketing plan for an internet start-up company, which delivers local cookie orders. This plan focuses on social media marketing and provides insight for a business to business marketing plan and a business to consumer marketing plan. The plan outlines goal, strategies, target, insight, competition and tactics.

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I need a little help with these questions an example/direction of how to go about it. My product is listed below.

The idea which I will be presenting at the conference will be about a new startup which plans to manufacture and distribute portable and mobile baby changing tables that can conveniently be installed in your vehicles such as SUV's. The main benefit of this product is that it helps the parents of newly born and very small kids to conveniently change diapers while being outside their homes such as in markets and other public areas. It avoids the need to use unhygienic public restrooms and the inconvenience to wait outside such busy public restrooms. I plan to target parents of newly born and small kids throughout the United States who usually spend lots of time with their kids outside their homes and are looking for solutions to better manage this problem.

I plan to market and distribute this product via a set of online as well as traditional methods of marketing as distribution.

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