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Business Opportunities

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Is it true that good opportunities are hard to find and may only come once in a lifetime? If you could, identify ways in which a business opportunity can be generated. Give an example of an opportunity where you find potential and explain why.

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Good opportunities are actually not difficult to find, it is a matter of keeping one's eyes and ears open, and continuing to think creatively. Consider the new businesses that have been launched in the last decade: Twitter (2006), Instagram (2009) and Etsy (2009). Each of these businesses is actually an iteration of visions that entrepreneurs had, regarding an idea or needed product in the market place. But these are not singular ideas that struck the founders as the one and only way to a new business. Looking at Twitter, there were several people involved (Evan Williams and Biz Stone, and later Jack Dorsey). Initially Williams was working on a podcasting company that became obsolete before it had even launched, by the ...

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This detailed solution addresses business opportunities, their likelihood of occurring, and how opportunities for businesses are generated. It also gives an example of a good business opportunity. Examples and APA formatted references are included.

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