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Cyber-Victimization and Computer Crimes

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What is cyber-victimization? Why has cyber-victimization become a growing issue in computer crimes? List and describe three examples of cyber-victimization and the influence of the crimes?

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This solution explains cyber victimization and explains why it has become a growing issue in computer crimes. I also list and describe examples of cyber victimization and the influence of this type of crime. Includes 3 references.

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Cyber victimization is also called cyber bullying. Cyber victimization has rapidly increased in the past few years due to advances in technology that we've seen on the internet. Social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and others have absolutely exploded with users. The administrators of these websites can't possibly keep up with the adequate and proper monitoring of all user content on these sites. As a result, we have a situation where person A is posting harassing, threatening, or degrading things about person ...

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