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    What are major forms of computer crime?

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    What are major forms of computer crime?
    What are some of the current ways that police and other officials are using to track the criminals and enforce the laws?
    To what kinds of crime could AllTechComm be susceptible?
    What kinds of things should we do to protect ourselves?

    Analyze privacy issues, computer-based crime, and the legal and ethical implications of intellectual property protection.

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    The major form of computer crimes are those related to hacking and theft of private and confidential information and subsequent misuse of those information, theft of copyrighted material without permission or misuse of such copyrighted information, lack of security measures or appropriate privacy policy in conduct of e-business etc.

    Let us discuss these computer related crimes in detail. First of all, the most common form of cyber crime is the theft of private and confidential information of people, such as their confidential financial information related to credit cards or bank accounts. In such scenarios, it is the poor implementation of security measures on part of the ebusiness that leads to such crimes by hackers and intruders that break into network of ebusinesses and hack such information for ...

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    What are major forms of computer crime?