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Social Media Research

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This solution offers quotes from 10 academic references (journals/textbooks) which comment on how much people, especially teenagers, use social media.

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This article is quite enlightening in terms of usage:
Lee, E., & Oh, S. Y. (2013). Seek and You Shall Find? How Need for Orientation Moderates Knowledge Gain from Twitter Use. Journal Of Communication, 63(4), 745-765.

In terms of usage, the authors report, "98% of Internet users between ages 18 and 24 using social media each month" (745).

They further estimate that the average American spends the most time online (22.5%) on social networking sites (SNSs) and blogs (745).

In sum," SNSs have undoubtedly become one of the most ...

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Quotes from APA sources are integrated in 300 words to validate social media usage from literature.