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Communication research project thesis

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Develop a one page, APA formatted paper (excluding title and reference pages) introducing the topic for your final communication research project. Your instructor will provide feedback and approve your topic or make suggestions for refining it and/or your thesis statement. Your paper should include responses to the following:

What is the communication topic?
What is the organization?
Why are you interested in this topic?
What is your thesis statement?

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Communication research project thesis are examined. The communication topics and organizations are provided. A thesis statement is provided.

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Topic: Is Social networking sabotaging real communication?
With the widespread of internet, the world has become virtually boundary less. Traditional channels of communication have been sidelined by technology driven channels like blogs, online forums, social networking sites, etc. According to statistics, there has been growth of more than 500% since 2000 (European Travel Commission, 2012) in the number of internet users. With social network sites, people are able ...

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