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    Constructing a thesis on childhood obesity

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    Could you please help to produce an outline of a research paper, for a technical communication class, on obesity, including some topic ideas. In addition to the outline could you please provide a guide explaining how to construct a research paper and a thesis statement; a sample thesis statement would be very helpful.
    Thank you.

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    There are many different directions that you could take a paper on obesity. A topic that is widely being discussed right now that is associated to obesity is "childhood obesity." This topic is a bit more narrow and will be easy to find support of in the literature.

    To begin an outline, one starts with a thesis statement.

    Thesis statements consist of a subject: CHILDHOOD OBESITY, and an attitude: NEGATIVE ...

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    This 270 word solution provides an detailed guide that explains how to construct a thesis, produce an outline, and prepare for a research project on childhood obesity in technical communication. A sample thesis statement is provided as well as plenty of examples to help illustrate proper structure.