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Thesis Statements and Annotated Bibliography

Study had to use 2 scholarly articles from scholarly journals, including academic or peer reviewed journals, 1 editorial article from a newspaper or magazine,1 book (no book reviews, reference books or general dictionary sources, 1 organizational, government or educational Internet source (.org, .gov, or .edu) to write a thesis statement, outline supporting points, and create an annotated bibliography.

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It seemed to me that in in this assignment the student was supposed to write basically one paragraph on each of the five items in the student's bibliography.

It appears that the student need to (1) summarize what the main point/argument of each article or book is and (2) to write down some of the key points in each article or book that will support their thesis.

As for the thesis, usually I work backwards on a project like this. I look at the evidence first (in this case your articles and books) and then figure out what my ...

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A brief solution on how to write a thesis statement using material summarized from several bibliographical items.