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    Data Warehousing

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    What is data warehousing? How are databases and data warehousing related? Do you believe data warehousing is a fad or a "real" technology which will benefit organizations?

    What are XML databases? Are these of any value to organizations?

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    "What is data warehousing?"
    - A data warehouse is a repository storing integrated information for efficient querying and analysis. Information is extracted from heterogeneous sources as it is generated or updated. The information is then translated into a common data model and integrated with existing data at the warehouse. When a user query is submitted to the warehouse, the needed information is already there, with inconsistencies and differences already resolved. This makes it much easier and more efficient to run queries over data that originally came from different sources. Key advantages of data warehousing include:
    - Since query execution does not involve data translation and communication with remote sources, complex queries can be executed easily and efficiently.
    - End users can use a single data model and query language.
    - System design becomes simpler. For example, there is no need to perform query optimization over heterogeneous sources, a very difficult problem faced by other approaches.
    - Information sources may be unreliable and may purge ...