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    Zynga and Advertising

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    1. Do you think Zynga would be a good advertising platform? What kinds of companies would be interested in reaching this audience, and how should the ads be presented to users?

    2. How could firms use the Zynga platform to develop and sell branded virtual goods? Assume you were a manufacturer of sporting goods and wanted to use Zynga as a marketing platform. What concerns would you have about the Zynga platform? How would you use its social character to extend the reach of your campaign?

    3. How would you judge the competitive situation facing Zynga?

    4. What role does Zynga's customer relationship management system have on its success to date? Why is it effective and what are its limitations?

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    1. Zynga would be a very good advertising platform by virtue of its large and diverse user base and analytics capacity. It possesses all the elements that contribute to a successful advertising medium and the ability to target and customize adverts towards particular segments. There would be many firms and industries that could be potentially customers for Zynga advertising, primarily in the consumer industry. However there is no limit to potential customers due to the amount of data Zynga is able to aggregate. Look at it this way, Zynga knows the behavior patterns and biographic information of their users. Marketers will be able to analyze this information to determine products that best appeal to these users and position ...

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    Zynga's good adverting platforms are provided. How firms use the Zynga platform to develop and sell branded virtual goods are discussed.