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Articles About Advertising Regulations

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Research and apply the content from a minimum of three recent articles about Advertising Regulation. Discuss your viewpoint on the topic and refer to the content from the articles to support your findings.

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Research and apply the content from a minimum of three recent articles about Advertising Regulation.

The laws and regulations that stipulate the ways in which products can be advertised in a country are referred to as Advertising regulation. These regulations are in place to prevent false advertising and health related advertisements. Advertising regulation is essential for the free functioning of the markets. It is necessary to regulate advertising to ensure that there is a free flow of goods and services that offered for sale. Advertising that provides useful information to consumers on one side and on the other side enables firms to promote their products. However, if advertising is used for deception of consumers, dishonest information, or misleading consumers, there can be failures in the market. There can be breakdown of markets or mistrust of companies that are marketing their goods. To remove such anomalies from the market it is necessary to have Advertising regulation (Surhone.L, Tennoe.M, & Henssonow.S, 2010).

When advertising distorts the market by giving deceptive information, these induce consumers to buy goods that they would not have purchased had they not been misled by the advertising. At this stage the government needs to step in with Advertising regulation and restore honesty in the market. The intervention by the government includes forming laws and regulation, enforcing those laws, and examining individual cases. The ...

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