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    Advetising Regulations

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    Expound on recent articles about Advertising Regulation. Please cite at least 3-5 sources. 450+ words. I apologize in advance for the short suspense; what I have developed just doesn't appear to be adequate and maybe your insight will give me growth. Thanks in advance.

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    //Marketing and advertising the products and services efficiently is crucial to the success of the business. However, all business enterprises have a legal obligation to ensure that all claims made in the advertisements are true, not deceptive and all marketing activities meet the established laws. In this section, the meaning, purpose and implications of advertising regulations is elaborated.//
    Advertising regulations refer to the norms and laws that define the ways in which the products and services can be advertised or promoted. Such laws can be developed for different aspects such as placement, timing, content or characters used in the advertisements. The principles outlined in the advertising regulations emphasize on development and presentation of advertisements that are easily comprehensible by the people to whom they are directed and prohibition of advertisements that are false, misleading, deceptive or unverifiable (Lee and Johnson, 2013). The laws established under advertising regulations oversee and checks advertising, marketing and interstate trade practices within an economy.

    The purpose of advertising regulation is firstly, to regulate the production and presentation ...

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    This solution of 612 words addresses advertising regulation by explaining the meaning, purpose and implications of advertising regulation. It discusses the purpose of regulation and the laws associated with it, as well as an article is provided for further topic exploration. References used are included.