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    Relationship between statutes, regulations, and case laws.

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    What is the relationship among statutes, regulations, and case law? Why is case law such an integral part of our legal system?

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    Statues are formal written enactments of legislative authority that governs a state, city or county. Statues usually either prohibit someone from doing something or command someone to do something. Statutes are codes enacted by legislative bodies.

    Regulations are rules that control society or human behavior.

    The difference between statutes and regulations are:

    "The Legislature enacts statutes. The People of the State may also enact statutes and constitutional provisions. Administrative agencies adopt, amend and repeal regulations under the authority granted to them by either constitutional provisions or statutes. Unless the Legislature has created an exemption, agencies must follow the procedures in the Administrative Procedure Act when adopting, amending or repealing regulations"

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