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Business communication

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Explain in 300 minimum for each question.

1. Identify a minimum of three different business statutes that exist in a business communications environment.
2. Provide a brief analysis of each of the different statutes that you identified

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Business communication Law/statutes

Explain in 300 minimum for each question.

1.Identify a minimum of three different business statutes that exist in a business communications environment.
The first business statute is the Code of Federal Regulations: Title 47 - Telecommunication: This is an updated version of the Code of Federal Regulations. This code is gives the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by executive department and agencies of the Federal Government. This code has fifty titles that represent broad areas that the Federal Government regulates.
The second statue is the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This act amends the Communications Act of 1934. The purpose of this act was to open up the market to competition by dismantling barriers to entry. The objective was to encourage private sector to enter the telecommunications market and to increase competition. In other words the objective of the congress in creating this act was to provide a context in which there was no monopoly of telecommunication services but there was competition. The method used by this regulation is to enable competition among firms that use similar type of technology for to provide one type of service. The objective of the act is to disallow state and local governments from ...

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