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    Zoning Laws that Affect our City

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    Council Member wants one page memo answering question "Where should I look to find out more about zoning laws that affect our city?"
    - Discuss how you will select the most important information to place in the memo by applying the following evaluation criteria:
    - Economic impact of the zoning ordinances
    - Intent and purpose of guidelines
    - Impact of case law on zoning and supporting regulations
    - Unintended outcomes of ordinances and regulations
    - Constraints of historical sites, if any, on zoning and supporting regulations
    - Environmental policy and constraints on zoning and supporting regulations
    Write your initial response in 3-4 paragraphs. Be sure to use vocabulary that is relevant to the topic.

    Level is Masters Degree Public Administration

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    There are many reasons to look up case law and requirements for zoning, especially in a city or town. Requirements of such laws affect people directly in their daily lives. Zoning for business vs residential makes a difference in where people can live, what they do or have on their property, and if they can make changes. Not having enough areas zoned for business lowers the amount of taxes the government can take in each year. There are also considerations of where churches and schools can be placed. Therefore, zoning is very important to the local community.

    First, one needs to know current laws, and the application of those laws. These laws at the local level are often called ...

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    The zoning laws which affect our city is determined. The impacts of the zoning ordinance for economics are examined.