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    Population and challenges

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    Please help me to get started on a research project by answering these questions:
    How would you stop or slow down urban sprawl in a rapidly growing city? What would be some of the challenges?
    Please provide a reference so that I may have somewhere to start my research.
    Thank you.

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    Define Urban Sprawl

    "Sprawl is the spreading out of a city and its suburbs over more and more rural land at the periphery of an urban area. This involves the conversion of open space (rural land) into built-up, developed land over time." (From ref 1 below)

    Rules --> Legislation--> Taxation/Regulation and enforcement resources to implement.
    - Zoning laws, increased red tape for new developments.
    - Increasing the price of the land to both developers and to the end consumers by efficient city planning ...

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    This solution provides some strategies for preventing urban sprawl in a rapidly growing city and highlights some of the challenges that would be faced in implementing such strategies. It provides one references source for further investigation of the topic.