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    Challenges for the aging worker

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    Need assistance with developing a list of current challenges for the aging worker.
    -What are the most prevalent presenting problems for this population, in your opinion?
    -What ethical concerns do you think exist for the workplace?

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    -rise in the increase number of the elderly population due to the baby boomers (the generation born during the 1940s-60s) now in their 60s

    -government financial decline in social security income available at retirement

    -retirement age steadily increasing from the age of 62 when SSI was first established to over 67 years old today (2010) in order to still receive full benefits

    -decrease in quality health care directed towards elderly

    -technology improving so people living longer ...

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    The expert develops a list of current challenges for the aging worker. The most prevalent presenting problems for the population are determined. The ethical concerns that exist in the workplace are analyzed. Two references are provided.