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    Population Growth Around the World

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    Find examples of countries for each population growth model (rapid, slow, zero). What evidence can you find to support your choices? What problems/challenges/opportunities does each of these countries face in the next 10-20 years as a result of their particular class of growth?

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    Population growth is the rise in population per unit time. In the examples below, the unit of time was 1990-2010 (a span of 20 years).

    Examples of Rapid Population Growth:
    - Qatar: growth rate 271%
    - India: growth rate 40.2%
    - Bangladesh: growth rate 41.3%
    - Nigeria: growth rate 62.4%
    - Pakistan growth rate 55.3%

    Examples of Slow Population Growth:
    - China: growth rate 17.1%
    - Japan: growth rate 4.7%

    Examples of Zero Population Growth:
    - Russia

    The difficulties a country faces based ...

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    Population growth around the world are examined. The expert finds examples of countries for each population growth model (rapid, slow and zero). The evidence to support the choices are given. The problems, challenges and opportunities of each of the countries face in the next 10-20 years is given.